The adventures of a born-and-raised-in-Michigan girl (OK, woman) who's moved to Bavaria with her husband, kids, and dog.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Living in Limbo

This is a strange feeling; to be moving in slow motion.

Martin flew out October 11th, and since the 12th the rest of us have been in Grand Rapids. Still ironing out the details of meeting Martin over there... sometime early December, if all the veterinary (and other) paperwork falls into place properly.

So as slow as that "slow boat" (with our stuff) is going, it feels like the rest of us are in slow motion, too. A kind of "mover's limbo."

I suppose on some level it makes the transition easier, as the changes are more gradual. But it is also a bit hard on everyone left behind -- particularly Nicholas, who doesn't quite understand why his Daddy only talks to him on the phone, and probably wonders about the rest of his toys from time to time.

Limbo is a strange intermediate place, but certainly not unpleasant. We've found many ways to pass the time... trips to the orchard for local cider, visits to the Frederik Meijer Gardens' Children's Garden, and the Grand Rapids Children's Museum, where the favorite hands-on activity is the drive-through bank:

Of course, Halloween was a nice distraction, and "our bugs" were well-received at the local township fire station, which is where we spent our evening -- complete with free hot dogs, chips, cider, doughnuts, and fire safety information.

The highlight so far has been "choo choo," a brief (14 mile round trip) ride on a historic train (still maintained solely by volunteers) for children's rides. If you're ever in the area and your kids are a little older, I definitely recommend a ride on the Coopersville-Marne Railway.

The other news is that we've sold our house (almost), bought another one (almost), and Martin likes his job so far. More on all of that later. (Sorry, but I gotta keep you comin' back somehow!)