The adventures of a born-and-raised-in-Michigan girl (OK, woman) who's moved to Bavaria with her husband, kids, and dog.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Big Truck

It's Moving Day (or, more accurately, Days, plural), and the big truck arrived this morning. Martin spent all weekend with his circular saw and nailgun, crating all his garage boy-toys (snowblower, lawnmower, gas grill, etc.) so that the movers could pack the first sea container (the "big truck") more efficiently. Anyone who knows Martin even a little bit shouldn't be surprised in the least, although the movers sure were when they arrived this morning to see the driveway lined with his crates!

The movers and packers themselves have been fantastic, we can't say enough good things about them. And they're constantly amazed that we're not stressed or flipping out on them (apparently moving is the second most stressful thing that can happen to you... second only to a death in your immediate family).

Nicholas is doing well, given that he has been here for the whole packing process. His bed is gone now, and his toys "disappeared" from the playroom while he napped last week. After a very brief temper tantrum (which didn't open any boxes), he gave up and started playing with the boxes. He has been a little more clingy than usual (here is is, this morning, with his milk, favorite car, and "Little Bella," the dog he sleeps with).

The current plan is for Martin to fly out next Wednesday, the 12th, while the rest of us head over to Grand Rapids. We'll have some time on our hands after the major moving is done (this Tuesday/Wednesday), so give us a call and stop by if you're inclined! Just remember there's nowhere to sit so maybe joining us at a restaurant would make more sense. :-)